Using Bookmyne - the CLEVNET Catalog App

 The new app, Bookmyne, is available for iOS and Android:

Bookmyne at the Android Storie Bookmyne on iOS




  1. After you have downloaded and installed the application go ahead and launch it for the first time.  You will see a screen that looks something like this:
  2. Press the find library button at the next screen enter the name of your library and press done
  3. Select the library (and possibly branch) from the list
  4. Once you have picked a library you will need to sign in.  Tap on My Account
  5. Then enter your barcode and PIN.  If you don't remember your PIN you can have a reset sent to your email account by going to
  6. You're done!

If you are experiencing technical problems with the app you can go to for help.