OverDrive Help & Information


What is OverDrive?

OverDrive is a service, best known for their eBooks, that offers downloadable and streaming digital media. Through OverDrive you can download or stream eBooks, audiobooks, videos and more. You can use OverDrive on your computer, smartphone or tablet (iOS and via select Android devices). The items you check out will expire automatically from your account. You will never acquire any fines or fees. You can access our OverDrive collection by going to emedia.clevnet.org.

How do I get started with OverDrive?

There is no need to register. With a valid CLEVNET library card, you automatically have access to this service. Depending on the computers and devices you are using, as well as the format of the titles you are interested in checking out, there are different options for using OverDrive. Please find the instructions for getting started on any device here.

Do I need to be connected to the Internet to access the items I have checked out?

OverDrive offers a number of formats. Once you have downloaded an eBook or audiobook using the OverDrive app, you do not need to stay connected to the Internet to enjoy the content of the app. OverDrive also offers a variety of streaming media as well, which does require an Internet connection.

How long do I have access to items checked out from OverDrive?

You can customize your lending periods for most items found in the OverDrive catalog by going to your Account > Settings in the OverDrive site. Keep in mind that by default the maximum number of days you can have an item checked out is 21 days for eBooks and audiobooks and 7 days for streaming video. Titles automatically expire from your account at the end of their lending period, so no fines or fees will ever be acquired.

When I try to log in, I am getting an error that my card is Expired, Blocked or Barred. What does this mean?

These alerts are related to the status of your library account, which not only affect your access to CLEVNET electronic resources, such as Research Databases, OverDrive and Hoopla, but also prevent you from borrowing physical material from any CLEVNET library. You will need to work with your CLEVNET library to resolve these types of account issues. You can find a full list of CLEVNET member libraries here.

I have a new card, and I don’t see my holds or checkouts from my old account. How do I get the old information transferred to my new card?

Please contact us to request a merge of accounts. At that time, all existing holds, checkouts and other account information will be transferred from your old account to your new account. Just provide us with your old card number and your new card number and we will merge them.  

How do I make a request for you to add a title to your collection?

If an item is not found in our collection, keep in mind not all commercially available titles are able to be added to our OverDrive collection. We will review your request for the purchase of an item for you and others to download and enjoy. Instructions are here

Additional Questions and Troubleshooting

You should first start by exploring and searching the OverDrive Help Site. If you cannot find a resolution to your issue, please contact support.