Add or edit a username in your account

You can now add a username or edit your existing username directly through the catalog.

A username can be used to log into your catalog account in place of your library card #

Your username is CASE INSENSITIVE! No matter how you enter it, it will show up as uppercase in your record!

Log into, and click on "My Account", then access the "Personal Information" tab.

If you don't have a username on your record, you can add one through the "Add a username to your record" link in the username field.

If you already have a username, an "Edit your username" link will appear when you click the "Edit" button.

Click the link, it will take you to the secure site: Login using your catalog credentials.

Follow the instructions to add or edit a username, then click "submit".

You will receive a message indicating your username has been updated. Follow the link back to the catalog.

You can see your changes immediately in the catalog.