Add or edit a username in your account

What is a username?

A username can be used to log into your catalog account or research databases in place of your library card #

Your username is CASE INSENSITIVE! No matter how you enter it, it will show up as uppercase in your record!


To add or edit your username:

Log into, and click on "My Account", then access the "Personal Information" tab.

  • To add a username: you can add one through the "Add a username to your record" link in the username field.

  • To edit your username: if you already have a username, an "Edit your username" link will appear when you click the orange "Edit" button.

  • Follow the instructions to add or edit a username, then click "submit".

  • You will receive a message indicating your username has been updated. Follow the link back to the catalog.

  • You can see your changes immediately in the catalog.