My Account

Add or edit a username in your account

You can now add a username or edit your existing username directly through the catalog.

A username can be used to log into your catalog account in place of your library card #

Your username is CASE INSENSITIVE! No matter how you enter it, it will show up as uppercase in your record!

Log into, and click on "My Account", then access the "Personal Information" tab.

If you don't have a username on your record, you can add one through the "Add a username to your record" link in the username field.

Add phone or email to your account

  • Log into, and click on My Account, then access the Personal Information tab.
  • Find the add phone/email to your record link below your contact information.

Edit Hold Notifications

To change how you get hold notifications, go to, and click the My Account link at the top of the page:


Click the Personal Information tab, then the orange Edit button:

Edit your information

Forgot Your Password

Your password is  four digit number extracted from a field in your library record. In most cases, it is the last four digits of the phone number in your library record. If that information is not available in your record, it may be the month/day of your birthdate (ex. 0824 for a birthdate of August 24th). If your library record does not contain your phone number or birth date, your password is CHANGEME. In order to increase the security of your account, we suggest that you change your password.

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