Changes coming to NetNotice emails

What are we changing?

We will be changing the sending domain from to  So instead of you will receive email from

When will we make this change?

April 2, 2018.

How will this affect you?


Dr. Ervin J. Gaines, 1980In 1979 Cleveland Public Library Director Dr. Ervin Gaines and staff began an automation project with Data Research Associates (DRA). The system they envisioned would be capable of expanding the number of programs it could manage, deliver information simultaneously to a large number of terminals quickly and efficiently, and have maximum data storage capacity.


CLEVNET is Library Cooperation

A consortium of 45 library systems across 12 different counties with 12 million items and approximately 1 million customers in Northeast Ohio, CLEVNET allows you access to the vast collections of every participating library.

Using CLEVNET is simple. As a card holder, you can:

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